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About Us

"I Have Paws": Your Family and Furry Haven in the Online World

In the depths of the virtual realm emerged a remarkable story – the story of the online store "I Have Paws." This virtual haven became not only a shopping destination but also a platform where the love for family and devotion to our four-legged friends intersect.

Introducing "I Have Paws"

The proprietor of the store is Anna, a dreamy and energetic woman who decided to create something extraordinary. Gathering a team of like-minded individuals, she brought her dream to life by establishing "I Have Paws." The name itself serves as a sort of slogan, welcoming everyone with paws – be it a dog, a cat, or perhaps your youngest family member enamored with plush toys.

Assortment – Tailored for Every Family Member

"I Have Paws" offers a broad spectrum of goods designed for every member of your family. Here, you'll discover not only stylish attire and accessories for your pets but also fashionable items for yourself. It's a place where you can enjoy a selection of quality products while expressing your love for pets through stylish designs.

Play Haven for Children and Pets

"I Have Paws" has transformed into a veritable play haven for children and their fluffy companions. Regular events at the store allow kids to play with household pets and choose new toys for them. These events have become favorite treats for young clients, and parents delight in witnessing their children's joy.

The Philosophy of "I Have Paws": Love and Care

Anna didn't just create a store; she built an entire philosophy. "I Have Paws" advocates for love and care, not only towards domestic animals but to every family member. Charitable initiatives for shelters and support for organizations dedicated to animal welfare have become integral aspects of the store's identity.

Family Moments in Every Purchase

When visiting "I Have Paws," you're not merely making a purchase – you're joining a community of people who share your love for family and furry friends. This online store has become a place where every purchase transforms into a family event, and every customer becomes a part of the large and friendly "I Have Paws" family.

At "I Have Paws," open arms await you – for you, your children, and, of course, your four-legged friends.

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